At Dr. Ronald L. Champion, DDS, we know how long orthodontic treatment can be for some patients, so we speed up the process with the Propel® Orthodontic System in Modesto, California. Dr. Ronald Champion is the only orthodontist in the area who can accelerate your straightening treatment using Propel. To learn more about what this system can do for you, call our office today.

The number one question asked about a straightening treatment is about how long it will take. A patient’s age, the severity of their malocclusion, and even their genetics will affect the length of time to shift their teeth into a healthier position with the use of orthodontic treatment. Even though you will have straight teeth in the long run, it can be tiring to wear braces for several weeks.

At our practice, we can speed up orthodontic treatment using Propel orthodontics. It has been found that this system accelerates treatment time, sometimes reducing it by half. Our orthodontist will implement the Alveocentesis procedure for Propel to work. This process uses micro-osteoperforation that stimulates the jaw bone, creating an inflammatory response that speeds up the movement of your teeth. Your smile can straighten more quickly today when you see us for Propel Orthodontics.