How to Care for Your Teeth After Your Braces Are Removed

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Orthodontic treatment can be a hassle at times, which is why it’s best to take good care of your appliance and smile while you undergo treatment. However, it doesn’t stop there. If you do not take good care of your smile after your braces have been removed, there is a chance that your smile will transform back into the embarrassing smile you had before you began treatment. So, the best thing you can do is take care of your teeth and gums after treatment by doing the following things:

-Follow instructions and wear your retainer as recommended. If you fail to do so, your chompers can slide back into their original positions and your treatment will have been for nothing.

-If you want to brighten your smile with a bleaching or whitening treatment, it’s best to wait at least a month before you do so. This is because your teeth need time to become less sensitive.

-Because your teeth will be a bit sensitive at first, it’s best to ease into eating the sticky, chewy, and hard-to-eat foods.

-Schedule a dental cleaning with your dentist. This is an important step because it is highly likely that there are areas of your smile that were neglected during your treatment. The appointment will allow your dental team to deeply clean those areas and reduce your chances of developing any dental problems.

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