How to Choose the Right Toothpaste

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There are many different kinds of toothpaste to choose from at the grocery store. The aisle can seem very overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. As you search, it’s important to remember that there are different kinds of toothpaste for different kinds of situations. Your options can include plaque-fighting toothpaste, cavity-fighting toothpaste, fluoride toothpaste, toothpaste that caters to sensitivity, and even whitening toothpaste. However, no matter how overwhelming it may be, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself: What do I want in toothpaste?

To help you choose the best paste for your smile, we invite you to do the following three things:

1.Talk to your dentist: Your dentist can look at your oral history and your oral health to help you choose toothpaste that is best for your specific needs.

2.Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance: The American Dental Association places a Seal of Acceptance on any item that has been tested and approved for oral health effectiveness and safety. This will help you narrow down the paste options so you know you are purchasing the highest quality of product available.

3.Decide if you want your paste flavored: Many types of toothpaste come in a fresh mint flavor or other options, but sometimes it has no flavor at all. It’s best to choose a flavor you think you will like. If you like your toothpaste, the chances are you will brush more often and keep your teeth even cleaner and healthier.

No matter what kind of paste you choose to use, it’s important that you actually use it at least twice a day in addition to flossing. Flossing works hand in hand with your toothpaste and gives you the cleanest results possible. Talk to your dentist today and ask him what kind he thinks is best for you and your specific smile. It’s never too late to work toward a clean and fresh smile.