There are those instances that early treatment indicators present themselves, making it correct and appropriate to evaluate for an initial phase of treatment. Make an appointment for an evaluation at the age of 7-8; this is a great time to get the baseline information you need to stay informed of your child’s orthodontic needs.

The indicators that may determine the need for interceptive treatment can be teeth in crossbite, tongue thrusts, asymmetrical jaw development, and excessive overbite, just to name a few. Dr. Champion will thoughtfully assess the needs of the child and determine if they are an interceptive treatment candidate. It may be that the best course of treatment is to wait until all of the adult teeth are present. Early treatment is not designed to give the 7- or 8-year-old a “Hollywood smile,” but rather to make an important orthopedic correction and to take advantage of the growth years to assist in the work that is needed. You can trust Dr. Champion’s expertise and know that he has evaluated your child as an individual and if treatment is indicated, you will understand why.

To learn more about early orthodontic treatment in Modesto, California, and to schedule your child’s appointment with our orthodontist, we invite you to call or visit us soon at Dr. Ronald L. Champion, DDS.