Orthodontics: What Are Malocclusions?

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If your smile is improperly rotated, you probably have a malocclusion. Malocclusions are “bad bites,” or misalignments with your teeth and jaw. Bad bites can be caused by the environment, oral accidents, genetics, bad habits, improper oral hygiene, or a host of other issues. Some of the most common forms of malocclusions are:

Malocclusions of the incisors:

Misplaced midline:
when your upper and lower incisors fail to align.

Underbite: When your lower incisors protrude past your upper incisors. This can also be referred to as “bulldog teeth.”

Overbite: When your upper incisors protrude past your lower incisors; can also be referred to as “buck teeth.”

Open Bite: When your upper and lower incisors fail to connect when biting down.

Other forms of malocclusion:
Crossbite: When your lower jawbone sticks out past your upper jawbone.

Transposition Malocclusion: When teeth erupt above the gum line in the wrong spaces.

Rotation Malocclusion: When teeth slip and slide out of their proper alignment.

Spacing Malocclusions: These occur if there are irregular gaps in your mouth, overcrowded teeth, or large gaps between teeth.

If you suspect a malocclusion, talk to your orthodontist. The orthodontics team will discuss possible treatment plans with you.

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