Dr. Champion and our team look forward to meeting you when you have your first appointment at Dr. Ronald L. Champion, DDS to address your concerns and the added benefit of creating a beautiful smile. During your first visit we will help you become familiar with our office and the orthodontic treatments we provide in Modesto, California. We know that each patient’s smile is unique and we are committed to providing personalized care and treatment.

At that first visit, Dr. Champion will evaluate your teeth and bite in order to explain potential orthodontic treatment options. Dr. Champion will address your orthodontic needs to determine the extent of your treatment, the type of treatment and if this is the best time to receive treatment.

If treatment is advised, we will provide ample time to answer all your questions regarding the detailed outline of treatment and expected outcome. We encourage our patients and all responsible parties to be a participant in the evaluation process, as this information will help you become an important part of the orthodontic team at Champion Orthodontics. Our treatment coordinator will conclude the evaluation with a fee presentation, financial arrangements and go over the appointment steps necessary to get the treatment underway.

If younger patients are not ready to begin treatment, we place them in to our Growth and Guidance program. Here we will closely monitor their growth and development until they are actually ready to begin treatment. These periodic visits will track the patient over the course of the exchange process of losing teeth and the development of their adult dentition. Dr. Champion feels it is best to begin orthodontics when it will have maximum effect on the end result. Early treatment or Phase I treatment as it is sometimes called, is not necessary nor appropriate for every child.

We invite you to call us at 209.575.5888 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Champion, we are looking forward to meeting you.