Should I Get Braces As an Adult?

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If you’ve struggled with tooth and jaw alignment since childhood but never had the opportunity or desire to wear braces, we want you to know that the door to your dream smile is still open. These days, more and more adults are being fitted for braces to correct various dental issues. In fact, 25 percent of orthodontic procedures now involve adult patients.

The function of braces goes beyond the aesthetic appearance of your smile. By correcting your teeth and jaw, you’re protecting your mouth from dental hazards like tooth decay, gum disease, tooth loss, enamel loss and TMJ disorders.

If you’re considering braces, discuss your options with Dr. Ronald Champion at Champion Orthodontics. Orthodontia has come a long way in recent years, and there are now solutions for every smile. At your first visit, Dr. Ronald Champion will discuss with you your dental history, specific requirements and most effective treatments.Braces are much more comfortable now than in past decades, thanks to scientific progression, so you can still go about your daily business with minor disruption or distraction.

If your lifestyle or preference require a simpler, less visible solution, ask Dr. Ronald Champion if you qualify for Invisalign®, a transparent covering that coaxes your teeth back into formation and realigns your jaw. Invisalign® is adjustable, easy to clean and can be removed at mealtimes. The process may take longer than braces, depending on your teeth and jaw alignment.

If you have further questions about adult orthodontia, feel free to contact us at 209-575-5888 or pay us a visit in Modesto, California. We know you deserve your dream smile, and we want to help you achieve it.