Applying a Porcelain Glaze Will Make Braces Hardware Less Visible

Dr. Ronald Champion can install braces hardware in your mouth, at his Modesto, California clinic in a long-term effort to realign your teeth for a more function mouth and an appealing smile. Some people might be reticent to have braces in fear that the visible hardware will affect their outward appearance. To address these concerns and reduce the visible impact... read more »

How to Have Healthy Braces

Keeping your mouth healthy when wearing braces isn't as simple as it is without them. You do have to spend a bit more time cleaning, but it's worth it. The extra effort ensures that you don't have any tooth health problems and that when your braces are taken off, you're rewarded with the beautiful, straight smile you've been looking forward... read more »

Tips for Maintaining New Ceramic Braces

The ceramic coated braces Dr. Ronald Champion installed in your child’s mouth are identical to traditional wire and bracket braces except the majority of the hardware has been coated with a ceramic material. The ceramic coating has been shaded to perfectly match the shade of your child’s natural tooth enamel. This helps your son or daughter feel more at ease... read more »

Keep Your New Braces Clean

Your new braces represent a serious investment in adjusting your teeth for a healthier mouth and a winning smile. Keeping them clean with special focus in your daily oral hygiene routine, will prevent complications caused by cavities and gum disease. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day is just one step in the process. Many people with braces find... read more »

Using a Mouth Guard to Protect Your Braces During Athletics

The braces installed by Dr. Ronald Champion represent a serious investment in realigning your teeth for a more functional mouth and an appealing smile. If you participate in vigorous athletics or a contact sports, and some part of your braces is damaged or knocked loose, it will likely increase the amount of time you need to wear them. A mouth... read more »

How to Take Proper Care of Your Braces

Through the course of several adjustment sessions your new braces will move your teeth into a new position to provide you with a better smile. If any part of your braces are damaged, loosened or simply break free, it will likely increase the duration you need to wear them. That being said, there are a few minor changes you can... read more »

Understanding Your New Braces

When you are first fitted for braces it takes a little bit of getting used to. With a few minor changes in your daily habits you can keep your braces and teeth clean, while reducing the chances of your braces being damaged. If something is damaged they can injure your mouth and will also likely increase how long you have... read more »