Traditional Braces Can Be Used to Correct an Overbite

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Genetics and certain environmental factors can sometimes play a role in the orientation of your child’s teeth. If they develop an overbite with their permanent teeth, it could leave them with an unappealing smile while also putting their teeth at increased risk of suffering from dental fractures and dental attrition.

One effective way to correct the position and orientation of your son or daughter’s teeth is to have Dr. Ronald Champion install traditional braces in their mouth.

This incorporated small metal brackets, wires, and other orthodontic components. If your child is uncomfortable with the metallic appearance of traditional braces, Dr. Ronald Champion might be able to apply a porcelain glaze when he installs the braces. It that can be shaded to match your natural tooth enamel making it harder for the casual observer to even notice the orthodontic hardware.

Your child will need to return to Dr. Ronald Champion’s orthodontic clinic to periodically have their braces tightened and adjusted. Each of these brief outpatient appointments will gradually move their teeth closer to their correct orientation.

Once this is done Dr. Ronald Champion can uninstall the braces and they will need to use a retainer to help ensure your teeth remain in the new position. The retention phase generally lasts the same amount of time it took to correct their smile.

If you live in the Modesto, California area and your child has an overbite, you should call 209-575-5888 to set up a braces consultation at Champion Orthodontics.