What Happens When My Braces Come Off?

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You and your braces are going to be together for a while. It may not be the most exciting relationship you will ever be in, but it is an important one. Even if you wear your braces for a few months, or over a year, eventually the time will come for them to be removed.

You may be surprised at how little time it takes to get your braces off. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how the sudden release of pressure feels. After your braces have been removed, the orthodontist will remove any remaining dental cement. You may notice that you have some spots on your teeth. Don’t worry, that is very normal since plaque has built up around your brackets. Your dentist can solve that problem with a whitening treatment. In fact, it is a good idea to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam with your dentist after you get your braces off. The most important part of life after braces is wearing your retainer. The braces have moved your teeth into their new alignment. The job of the retainer is to make sure they settle into those positions. You will need to wear your retainer for the length of time prescribed by the orthodontist, or your teeth will drift back into their old alignments.

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