Why Do I Have a Crooked Smile?

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Sometimes our teeth turn and shift, no matter how well we take care of our smiles. There are many reasons why this might be happening to your chompers, and our orthodontist, Dr. Ronald Champion, is happy to name the causes so you understand what might be happening to your smile.

The first cause behind crooked teeth is the natural way the mouth and teeth grow and develop. Sometimes genetics have a lot to do with misaligned teeth. This is because extra teeth, missing teeth, large teeth, and small jaws can run in the family. These characteristics can create a crowded mouth. Because of the crowding, the teeth can be tempted to shift in front or behind the neighboring teeth to create room.

The second cause is an oral habit or source that adds undue pressure to the teeth. This could be anything like sucking the thumb, thrusting the tongue toward the back of the front teeth, or even having a poor airway that is created by enlarged tonsils. These things apply pressure to the teeth and move them slowly. As time goes by, the teeth can become severely misaligned.

For more information on the causes behind crooked teeth in Modesto, California, please remember that our orthodontic team is always here to help you. We are happy to give you the tips and answers you’re looking for—all you need to do is contact Champion Orthodontics at 209-575-5888!